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Vanessa Villanueva is a well-known American actress, whose date of birth has not been publicly disclosed. However, according to some sources, she was born in 1987 in the United States of America, making her currently 34 years old. Vanessa was born in America, but her parents are originally from Mexico, which gives her a mixed ethnicity.

Vanessa’s religious belief is Christianity and her zodiac sign is Gemini. Although there is no information available about her parents, it is known that they moved to Mexico before Vanessa was born. Her mother gave birth to her in the USA, but the names of Vanessa’s parents and siblings are not available online. She enjoys going to the gym, doing yoga and hiking.

Currently, Vanessa resides in California, USA. She completed her early education from a local high school and then joined the University of California, located in LA, USA. She completed her bachelor’s degree in “Environmental Economics and Policy” from there. After completing her studies, she got a chance to act in a film, which kickstarted her acting career.

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Professional life and net worth of Vanessa Villanueva : 

Before her relationship started with her husband Chris Perez, she only worked at low designations and was not so well known. After she got into a relationship with him, she suddenly got fame. After some time, they got divorced but she still managed to get work in the film industry and continued her work.

However, in 2011 she became a part of the film which is Memphis Rising. In this film, she stayed behind the camera and worked in a department for electrical and camera. In 2015, she was also shown in Forgotten Memories.

Similarly, in 2015, she participated in another Tv series of America and played the character of Gaby Valdez. 

Though, she didn’t get so many chances of getting into films by she still managed to make a nice amount. According to the sources, her net worth is approximately $100,000. 

Vanessa Villanueva’s Relationship Status: 

Chris Perez, her husband was a widely known American guitarist and singer. However, he is a part of a very popular band which is the Tejano band Selena y Los Dinos. In this band, he holds a lead designation of guitarist.

In addition, her husband did his second marriage with her as he was married to a lead woman of the band named Selena Quintanilla. Selena Quintanilla and Chris Perez got married on the 2nd of April, 1992. Later, after spending a few years together, they parted ways in 1995. 

Soon after that, Selena suddenly got murdered by Yolanda Saldivar. A friend of hers and her sudden murder left everyone speechless yet shocked and shattered him badly. When she got murdered, her age was only 23 and she was about to hit the biggest achievement of having global fame. 

However, he was still trying to accept the death of Selena while in 1998. Vanessa met Chris Perez and they got to know each other through a mutual friend and that friend made them meet.

After that met, they got interested in each other and started dating. So, they got into a relationship in 1998 and spent some really good years together. After 8 years of their relationship, they finally decided to get married and start a new life. However, on 26th October 2006, they got married.

But it seemed like the marriage is not working for them and Vanessa Villanueva Chris Perez wife decided to make it meet and end. As, according to her, he was a drug and alcohol addict and used to party, always.

But in his clarification, he said that he was still not over the death of Selena and that made him get into drugs and alcohol. Even after her murder, he dedicated her a book titled “To Selena, With love”. In this book, he expressed the immense love he had for her and also attached the love letters they both shared. Even today, he keeps posting about Selena and is in contact with her family.

Finally, in 2008 they both got separated. During their years of togetherness, she gave birth to two children, a daughter and a son. The daughter’s name is Cassie and the son’s name is Noah.

He was not a responsible dad and did not pay heed to his children. When she took the decision of getting the divorce. He tried to convince her but she did not want to be with him again.

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Vanessa Villanueva Social Media Presence: 

After her divorce, she did not appear much on social media as well as on other public platforms. She tried her best to keep her personal life private. This is the reason why there is not much information about her parents and siblings online.

Vanessa Villanueva Instagram account is also not found. In addition, she’s also not on Facebook and twitter. Getting to know her personal life is a whole lot task. She is a very private person who likes to keep her life private and does not want to be in the spotlight. Further, she does not even share anything regarding her child.

Online, there is no latest information about her. Even, after their divorce, Chris Perez started another venture and created a band which is known as the Chris Perez project. He chose to be in the spotlight and as mentioned earlier he also published a book. He has much fan following and posts about his music career.

While on the other hand, Vanessa has no official social media account and her recent pictures can not be found online too.

Does her son have down syndrome?

Sadly, her son Noah has down syndrome. He is her only child and indeed so brave. In down syndrome, a patient suffers from having an extra chromosome in their body. Having an extra chromosome affects the development of the brain which leads to having a low IQ level.

In addition to this, your physical features also get affected. You may have a neck that is short in length and comparatively small ears as well as height.

Also, this disease makes your joints loose and you may not have enough control over them. But according to her Noah is dealing with it greatly. But nowadays, there is no such information about him as she doesn’t come on social media.

What does she do now?

She is not coming on social media and does not have any work from the film industry. So, she started her spa which is named V’s Day Spa. There is also a shop of nails along with it. This is the only business she is running right now.

Also in 2010, she met Henry Soliz and decided to date him. They dated for 2 years till 2012 and later, in February 2018, she got married to her love, Henry Soliz. After they got married, Vanessa Villanueva husband and she, both shifted to Portland, Texas and started their new life there with happiness and contentment.