Bullying in the workplace has become a problem nowadays. For the understanding of why people do bully in the workplace? First, come to the point that what does bullying mean. Bullying is the repeating and aggressive actions done by a group of people against a single person or more. This kind of act, harass and irritate people commonly called bullying. It is usually just to irritate a particular person. It is the repeated, aggressive behavior just intended to hurt someone physically and mentally.

Types of Bullying in the Workplace:

Bullying can be individual or collective. Some types of individual bullying are following:

Physical Bullying: 

  It is any kind of act that hurts someone physically. It is the first thing that a person does with someone. It includes stealing, fighting, and hitting someone.

Verbal Bullying: 

The most common type of bullying is verbal bullying. It does not include any physical contact. This is the bullying done by the use of voice in any way or speaking. It involves threatening someone, lying about someone; tell everyone else the fault that is not present in the person.

Relational Bullying: 

In this type of bullying, relationships are used to hurt someone. 


 Hurting or irritating someone utilizing modern social media and technical websites comes under the boundary of cyberbullying. There is the only type of collective bullying fir example Mobbing.


 Bullying a single individual by a group of people is called mobbing. The group would be in any form. It would be a family, school, workplace, community, and neighborhood.

Bullying in the Workplace:

 At the workplace when a person is bullied by co-workers, colleagues, supervisors, managers, and subordinates. It is to force that person out of the workplace through isolation, rumors, and such things. Moreover, it is referred to as racial, non-racial, general harassment.

Bullying at the workplace disturbs the decorum of the workplace. It is not only for a particular person who gets bullied. It comes to each, and every person involved in bullying that person. Because they spent most of their time using their minds that how they can bully the person.

They create an abusive environment of the workplace that affects every person working there. So, in this way, they are not focused on the work and comes in the loss of the workplace.

Examples of Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace:

We can come up with a lot of examples regarding bullying and harassment in the workplace because it is very common. Some of the examples are following:

  • When a person continuously picked on a point when the employee is being humiliated by the colleague’s
  • When the employee is considered to be responsible for the wrong act done by others.
  • When the employee gets isolated from the rest of the staff.
  • When the employee gets the warnings of losing the job, regularly.
  • When the employee gives any suggestion and idea, he is being ignored.

Harassment at Work:

 In workplace harassment, a lot of seniors want to keep their employees under their control. So they can use them for their purpose. The boss or the employees threaten the women employees. They compulsively work with them due to any reason and they harass them for doing wrong deeds. Moreover, they even make complications for women to go out or even in promotions. Even young girls are also not safe in school collage from their professors.

Employee Harassment: 

 Employee harassment means that the employee is harassed and bullied by co-workers, supervisors, colleagues, and the boss in many ways. The employee is not physically but mentally tortured by not considering his efforts in the work.

How to Stop Bullying in the Workplace?

There are many ways to stop bullying in the workplace. Some of them are following:

  • By becoming emotionally strong, an employee can overcome the bullying.
  • It is the right of an employee to report the bullying.
  • Stay calm and professional.
  • Talk to the boss or the person in power.
  • In every company where women work with men, there should be security deployed to protect women.
  • Talk to the colleagues and get a witness of what happening to the employee.
  • Those agencies which are working against bullying harassment should take immediate action upon receiving complaints.