Harassment is bad and disrespectful behavior that is not able to be bear for everyone. Peoples start abusing pass bad comments on girls. Harassment insult women, tease them, make it difficult for women to get out of the house. Even females can’t easily go out for jobs from their house. Harassment of girls is on the rise day by day. Today, it has become a part of our society and even some guys go through it. People are harassed everywhere, be it in shops, hospitals, schools, parks, or workplace harassment. No law is being passed to harass women, which could be slow or stop down this process.

Types of Harassment:

There are few types of Harassment.

  • Discriminatory Harassment.
  • Religion-based Harassment.
  • Personal Harassment.
  • Physical Harassment.
  • Sexual Harassment.
  • Third-party Harassment

Workplace Harassment – Let’s Discuss them in Detail:

  • Discriminatory Harassment:

Discriminatory harassment means that the color of people, race, intellect, cast, and religion. Religious people are tortured on the grounds of mental or physical disability.

  • Religion-Based Harassment:

Harassment is done based on religion which is common in most countries. People want to practices their religion no matter where they live or work. Some people do not like it and take them away from their religion. If someone goes against them, they use violence because of their religion.

  • Personal Harassment:

Personally harassing means bullying, abusing, torturing, blocking the way, passing bad comments. All this is done by men who are ignorant and oppress their women.

  • Physical Harassment:

In physical harassment, a person touches your inappropriate or personal body parts without your will. It is mostly happening in offices called workplace harassment. They humiliate you and do misbehave. Moreover, these people can threaten you for being physical with them or you lose your job. These are just some examples we see in our daily life. 

  • Sexual Harassment:

Sexual harassment is illegal. Females even transgender are harassed based on sex. People harass females even transgender on the road, workplace, market, parks even in hospitals. Females are not safe anywhere from this type of evil.

  • Third-Party Harassment:

Third-party harassment is defined as sexual harassment. If it is such severe that it creates an abusive and bad environment for an employee. You might have seen a lot of examples regarding sexual workplace harassment in the workplace.


We can come with a lot of examples regarding this.

  • If a client touches the employee in any lunch meeting and despite. She tells him not to do the same thing, he keeps on touching then it is sexual harassment.

Workplace Harassment:

In workplace harassment, a lot of seniors want to keep their employees under their control. So they can use them for their purpose. Here, the type of harassment can be of any type. Some people just do this for fun and some have other intentions. The boss or the employees threaten the women employees. They compulsively work with them due to any reason and they harass them for doing wrong deeds. 

Moreover, they even make complications for women to go out or even in promotions. Even young girls are also not safe in school collage from their professors. Professors harass students differently and divide their minds between studying and harassment. 

Harassment in Schools:

As we know about school students’ harassment cases. It rises more day by day. Professor harasses female students even males are also included. Professor commonly targeted female students. They harass the students sexually, mentally, and intellectually. The reason why students don’t want to go to school. In many workplaces harassment cases, students attempt suicide due to over harassment. They can’t share their issues with their parents. They mentally going to disorder day by day then students make this foolish decision to keep them away from this. 

How we can Prevent ourselves From Harassment:

We can save ourselves by:

  • Also We can inform the employees that workplace harassment is illegal and prohibited. We can file a case against those who harass the person.
  • And We must know about the contact details of the women’s harassment agency. If anybody harasses us anywhere. We can contact immigration with the agency.
  • In every company where women work with men, there should be security deployed to protect women.
  • Those agencies which are working against harassment the perpetrators should take immediate action upon receiving complaints.
  • Employees should make sure that their manager has a responsibility to stop those who harass women. And take serious action against them.

Raise Awareness:

People who are aware of harassment behavior are less likely to be harassed. Young teenagers must be aware in advance so that they will be safe from any mishap. Parents should talk with their children and share about that type of mishap. Moreover, there should be proper education given on this matter in the workplace.