The invention of the kid’s monitoring app is a little help from the technological world to the parental community. These apps practically assist the parents with every aspect of today’s teenagers’ life. Whether it’s real-life stuff, online life, friends, family, mental health, or more. Everything can get covered by an efficient monitoring app until and unless parents trust the technology for their kids.

I mean what harm can it produce if another helping hand is letting you know about any happening in your teenager’s life truly without any exaggeration or incomplete information. One of the apps that offers the best parental control features is the OgyMogy.

No need to worry if you are new to all this stuff and are reluctant to jump into this life. Here is a simple guide for all those parents who want to use kids monitoring apps for their teenagers.

OgyMogy Kids Monitoring App:

OgyMogy kids monitoring app is a cloud-based app that offers parental control and employee monitoring features for teenagers and employees. Every parent wants nothing but the best for their kids and in the time of smartphones obsession, gadgets, and technology, it is necessary to take extra measures for the betterment and wellbeing of the tech-savvy generation.

Package Details:

OgyMogy offer different bundle deals for Mac, Windows, and android monitoring app.

  • Mac : 
  • Basic $15/Month
  • Extreme:$90/12 months
  • Standard :$65/6 months
  • Android
  • Basic $29/Month
  • Extreme:$90/12 months
  • Standard :$69/6 months
  • Windows
  • Basic $15/Month
  • Extreme:$90/12 months
  • Standard :$65/6 months

All the features are uniformly distributed to all the packages without any discrimination. Thus no need to worry about basic and advanced features discrimination issues in the different bundles as some of the other apps demands extra money for advanced packages.


Find Out What Is Happening:

Want to know what is happening with the teenager’s life. Check their cellphone. The real-time screen monitoring feature lets the parents make a surprise visit to the teenager’s device screen. You can know what are they upset about or how are they dealing with life with the help of this feature.

Listen To Them:

Mic bug feature offered by the OgyMogy lets the parents listen to the surrounding chats and discussion for the kid. You can find out what happened and why are they mad.

Be With Them Like A Shadow:

The Gps location tracking feature can let the user know about the real-time pinpoint location of the teenager. You can even mark some restricted or safe zone for the kid as well.

Thus as soon as they will try to leave the safe zone or enter the restricted zone OgyMogy kids monitoring app will report you about their whereabouts right away.

Remotely Control The Camera:

Watch them whenever you want by using the front and rear camera of the target device. You can know who are they with, what are they up to, or where are they heading with the use of the camera monitoring app.

What Are Their Hobbies And Interests:

Access to the apps installed in the teenager’s cellphone can let the parents know about their interests and hobbies. Find out about any dating app or violent game and take action right away to avoid further damage.

Social Media Monitoring:

Social media and instant messenger chat apps are part of daily life. With OgyMog even if you are not an online friend of your teen you can know about their activities. Features include many major and even less common platforms in the form of  Facebook Monitoring App, WhatsApp monitoring app, Snapchat Monitoring app, Instagram monitoring app, Telegram monitoring app, Kik monitoring app, and many more.

Reports About Secret Accounts and Passwords:

The keylogging feature keeps the record of all the keystrokes applied on the target device. You can find out about any secret account along with the password and even can check the messenger details as well.

Easy Access To Gallery:

Want to know what kind of images or videos are saved on your teenager’s device? Then you can find that out by using the OgyMogy kid’s monitoring app.

OgyMogy kids monitoring app saves all the data in the web portal. The user has given remote access to the web portal thus you can check and even download any recording to your device as well whenever you want.