Instagram is a revolutionary social network launching loads of useful features for its users to make them more comfortable. The network seems to have taken a pledge to entertain its users by any means possible. 

There was a time when you would only be able to upload photos on Instagram and there were no productive ways of tracking down your own social activity on the network. But now, you have got more control over everything that you do on this network to view your liked posts on Instagram.

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Browsing and Liking Posts:

Let’s say that you spend a big deal of your day viewing the posts on your feeds and liking them. You may not be able to track down how many posts you have viewed, especially if you tend to just view and like more posts every second. 

For instance, when you click on any landscape image you may have more landscape images popping up on your feed a few seconds later, it’s just a way for Instagram to keep you engaged with your social activity.

When it happens you may end up liking a hundred landscape images in a row without being able to keep a track of your time. 

But now Instagram has made it possible for the users to view all the content that they have viewed in the past, everything is arranged in the form of a database.

In other words, if you are browsing and liking more images, the total number of images that you have viewed become countless at a point if you keep doing it for hours. However, sometimes some particular posts are more interactive than others, and you may wish to have a look back at them. If so, you will definitely have to learn how to see your liked posts on Instagram?

Bookmarking and Saving:

Remember those old times when you would browse images, videos, and content on numerous websites? In order to save some content, you would always have to use bookmarking sites, or alternatively, you would use a bookmark button on the browser that you used. Likewise, when you browse any content through your mobile phone, you can bookmark it to view it later.

The bookmarking feature is awesome yet you might want to view all the posts in one place that you have ever viewed and liked on Instagram. If so, this is pretty much done to find the posts that you liked recently.  Keep reading and we will share the steps that would help you browse all those posts that you have liked.

How to View Your Liked Posts on Instagram:

Remember that Instagram is not integrated with an AI system, it is advanced enough to track down the activity of each second that a user spends on the network. By using the same technology now this network is offering awe-inspiring features and services to the users.

Among many features, the most outstanding one is archiving of your activities. Meaning that you can always go back and view everything that you have browsed. The timelines are pretty accurate because these are collected by an AI system that registers every single piece of information with precision and accuracy.

I would love to give an example here for you to understand the advanced algorithm system more conveniently. Whenever someone follows you on Instagram, their username appears on the notifications and when weeks pass.

You can still view the information with the date when they started following you. It gives you a correct understanding of what happened and when it happened.

Let’s cut the Chase out and talk about the Easiest Ways to find all the Posts that you have Liked on Instagram.

  • Log into your Instagram account by entering your credentials such as username and password.
  • Now go to the three-lined sign, it is also called hamburger menu, commonly located at the top right corner of your display. Whenever you open your profile, you will see it right on top, at the right side.
  • From the hamburger menu, you need to click on the option “settings”,
  • Tap on the ‘Account’ option located right beside the setting option.
  • Right there you have to click on the option “Posts you’ve liked”.
  • As soon as you click on it, you are going to get access to all the data of the posts that you have recently viewed and liked.

You can open the image and video posts one by one to review them. Doing so is so helpful especially when you wish to go back to a particular Social Media account in order to explore more of their content.

For instance, someone from your circle uploaded a picture of a cute pair of kittens. You liked their post because you adored it from the bottom of their heart. Now you wish to have a glance at their account again to find more posts related to kittens or animals in general, the option of “posts you’ve liked” will take you there.

You won’t have to spend hours manually searching for their username. Just click on the image that you have liked, you will be able to see all the essential details below the image, from where you can go back into the username and view more posts.