It is quite clear to all that the search history and suggestions we walk through while browsing the internet or Instagram are stored somewhere. This storage further assists Social Media Platforms to offer suggestions for further accounts. Where these suggestions help you to explore more associated accounts, this could be a bit irritating as well. 

Whereas this Instagram search suggestion can be useful for things like identifying new associated accounts, searching for like minded people, and so on, some people see it as a threat to their private search. Because the invasion of privacy has been linked to many platforms, it is possible that this is why search on how to clear Instagram suggestions. 

The step on clearing instagram suggestions is very easy and could be done by following a few simple steps which are well elaborated in this article. 

Instagram Search Suggestions and History

History and search suggestions hold prime importance in our social media use. Have you ever thought of why these features are created and why they are important? Search history not only shows those people you keep searching for but also influences those people who are suggested to you. 

Instagram suggestion feature is designed to show those similar other unfollowed accounts that are near to what you followed already. There is a complete science and an algorithm that monitors users’ interaction with instagram. The suggested Instagram pages and accounts are organized by an algorithm that works so effectively for users and social media too. 

The point to ponder is how Instagram gets about the user’s interest and pages followed? The simple answer is that instagram watches your interaction with a post in each page whether you follow it or not. Instagram monitors what post or page you spent more time on, whether you liked it, commented on it, or not. Some content you are engaging with repeatedly or you are following it, infact, it’s called your interaction history. All this track record gets fed in Instagram’s algorithm. 

Based on this information, the algorithm measures how frequently you are interacting with a post or page, which is also known as a score of interest in technical terms. This score of interest determines the suggestion and its order to be displayed in your Instagram feed. Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of clearing instagram search suggestions!

Is the Feature Good or Not?

No feature exists in this world bearing only features or disadvantages. The same is the case with the feature we discussed above. The best part is that instagram shows you the recent searches you made. In the future, when you have to visit the page or tag again, you can simply go to history and visit these again without putting yourself in the hassle of remembering and typing page names, their handles, or tags. 

The bad thing about this feature is that suppose if your friend or colleague is helping you search for some page or tag when he opens ‘search’ in your Instagram, it will display all your searched pages, people, and tags. The suggestion even discloses your interests, hobbies, and affiliations. This is somehow a breach and threat to your privacy. Another irritating thing about search suggestions is that, despite showing them based on your search history, you might still get annoyed by inappropriate suggestions. 

This can be avoided by clearing instagram search suggestions and history. You can also block them in settings. We are going to discuss how to do that on iOS and android using the latest version of instagram.

Consider the complete walkthrough given below to address below:

How to clear Instagram search suggestions?

The following steps are needed to be covered while clearing Instagram search suggestions: 

  1. Open Instagram Application 
  2. Click on the Search Tab 
  3. To clear a single Instagram suggestion, click on “X” in front of each suggestion 
  1. To Clear all the displayed suggestions, Select the Option “See All”. Once all the options are visible, click on ‘Clear All’ to clear all the searched suggestions (as shown in the picture below). 

How to delete Instagram search suggestions when typing?

  1. Simply navigate to your profile and tap the three dots in the upper right corner. 
  2. Then, choose “Settings” and then scroll to the bottom to “Suggested Searches.” 
  3. “Turn Off Suggested Searches” should be chosen.

How to clear Instagram search suggestions on iPhone?

The procedure to clear instagram search suggestions on iPhone is the same as it is on a desktop or any other device. The same procedure has to be followed as follows: 

  1. Open Instagram Application 
  2. Click on the Search Tab 
  3. To clear a single Instagram suggestion, click on “X” in front of each suggestion
  4. To Clear, all the displayed suggestions, Select the Option “See All”. Once all the options are visible, click on ‘Clear All’ to clear all the searched suggestions.

It is to be noted that all the suggestions appearing can be removed; however, Instagram will display new suggestions based on your search as the suggestions cannot be entirely disabled on iPhone. 

How to reset Instagram delete search AutoFill? 

To reset Instagram delete search Autofill, you will have to: 

  1. Open Instagram application 
  2. Click on the Search bar and delete the Search suggestions appearing. 
  3. To Clear all suggestions at one time. Simple choose “Clear All” 

How do I hide Instagram search suggestions inappropriate

To hide inappropriate search suggestions on Instagram, follow this:

  1. Open the Instagram application
  2. Press the search icon in the home
  3. The suggested search will be visible to you
  4. Tap on the multiply icon beside the suggested search
  5. The suggested topic will be removed

If I stalk someone on Instagram will I be suggested?

The Instagram algorithm takes into consideration those accounts that we spent time on while scrolling and liking without properly following them. Such accounts start appearing in the search suggestions afterward. 


Your comprehensive guide on “how to clear Instagram search suggestions” has been elaborated in detail using frequently asked questions and pictorial demonstrations. It is understood that search suggestion assists the account in building connectivity and locating associated accounts, whereas recent search suggestion raises privacy concerns.