December is also known as “the month of festivities.” It comes with a plethora of lovely lights, vibrant wreaths, and a plethora of family gatherings. It is regarded as the happiest month of the year because it is full of festivities, celebrations, and holidays that add color to make this month the happiest for everyone. This month is known as the most festive month of the year because of the multicultural events that take place daily. This article contains the list of some December global holidays doctors’ fantasies that are well celebrated across the globe. 

The month of December is filled with national holidays, beginning with World Aids Day and ending with Ominsoka. Winter holidays are primarily made up of December Global Holidays, which are jam-packed with numerous winter festivals. Many religious, national, and cultural events take place during the December holidays around the world.

So let us not wait further and lets dig down to the most celebrated and enjoyed December holidays across the globe, across different religions. 


On every 1st of December of each year, World AIDS Day is commemorated across the globe with the intention of enlightening and raising awareness among the people. It is also observed to show solidarity with those that are living from this disease. This day also helps the people to recall the ones that have lost their lives while battling this disease or AIDS-associated disease. 

The main significance of this day is to motivate people to get their selves tested for HIV and consider the result as well as their health status. It helps to spread the message to people to take precautionary measures before time; hence lowering the risk. 

This day also helps the people to share their recovery stories and experiences that inspire the people to take precautions and pay due attention to this disease. 


This auspicious day is celebrated on 8th December for the remembrance of Siddhartha Gautama, who later on became Buddhe after the attainment of the freedom. This festival holds the importance in various other countries as a replacement to New Year, particularly  among Buddhist. It is a religious event that honours of Buddha’s insight to his spiritual sight and death. This marks its significance to listen to doctor fantasy december global holidays.


One of the more important event that counts in Deceber Global holidays – a doctors fantasy is Human Rights day celebrated on 10th December of each year. This has been adopted by General Assembly to secure the fundamental rights and freedom of individual regardless of their color, caste or creed. Some of the rights that are secured under this is to live, freedom and many more. 


Christmas is considered as the most significance festive of December, that is celebrated across the globe, for various different reasons. It is celebrate because of the birth of Jesus Christ, as believed among Christians. It is celebrated blissful among family and friends which provides good opportunity to get together, share presents and eat good food. This occasion provides a good opportunity for everyone to take a good break from the routine life. 


It is one of the December global holidays – A Doctor’s Fantasy which is celebrated for the straight eight days. It is celebrated among the Jewish people. It began in Israel and when the Jews were fighting back with Greeks. Hannukkah is well observed in 21 countries across the world. Here’s Places Around the World That Celebrate Hanukkah.


There are alot of events and festivities December global holidays – a doctor’s fantasy that begins with the beginning of the month and stays till the end of the year. Chiefly there are more than 15 holidays in the month of December.