Ever felt on the road while driving the misaligned movement of wheels and deviation of the car from going straight on road? Ensuring accurate alignment of wheels improves the durability and performance of tires. Routine maintenance tasks like tire replacement and wheel alignment are all important.

Bumps, driving on uneven ground, hitting potholes, and general wear and tear all contribute to the misalignment of wheels. In order to retain your wheel’s best quality and performance, it is crucial to keep them accurately aligned. Many Walmart shoppers who require wheel alignments inquire, “Does Walmart Do Alignments in 2022?”

How much does an alignment cost at Walmart, details about Walmart wheel alignment; read this all in the article.

Walmart Wheel Alignment

The process of wheel alignment sometimes referred to as tire alignment, involves adjusting the suspension of your car to make sure that all of the wheels are pointed appropriately toward the road and each other. People who use to shop at Walmart always think, does Walmart do alignments? 

Wheel alignment actually guarantees that all of the wheels point in the same direction and that the tires have the best possible contact with the pavement. Avoiding some types of uneven tire wear, also helps you get the most out of your tire investment.

Three angles in the suspension of your car are measured and returned to their factory values as part of the wheel alignment procedure:

Caster Angle:

The tilt of the steering axis in relation to a fictitious vertical straight line, as seen from the side of the vehicle, is known as the caster angle.

Camber Angle:

The vertical tilt of the wheel’s side in proportion to the side of the vehicle, as seen from the front or rear of the vehicle, is known as the camber angle.

Toe Angle:

The toe angle is the lateral tilt of the wheel’s side with respect to the vehicle’s center, as seen from above.

On an alignment machine, precise measurements are required for wheel alignment. It calls for the use of specialized tools and a certified mechanic. Now the point is, how much does an alignment cost at Walmart?

Does Walmart Do Alignments?

As of 2022, Walmart does not provide wheel alignment services. Instead, customers may get their wheels aligned for $50 to $100 at retailers like Big O Tires, Mr. Tire, Tire Discounters, Goodyear, and others. Wheel alignments are not one of the numerous other auto services that Walmart offers.

Numerous other specialist auto services are available at this store, but Walmart wheel alignment is not one of them. Do you still have concerns about “Does Walmart Do Alignments” in relation to this matter? Therefore, the reply is likewise.

To help you make your car driving flawless, auto care centers near your house also offers a wide range of other services. See and explore a $50 wheel alignment near me.

How Much Does An Alignment Cost at Walmart?

A front-wheel alignment from Walmart will be less expensive than a four-wheel alignment. It’s also important to be aware that most auto repair shops charge more for a vehicle alignment because a higher tire size necessitates more work. 

Therefore, front-wheel alignment at Walmart typically costs roughly $50. The price of an alignment for four wheels is about $75. Remember that comparable suppliers charge $100 and up. Does Walmart Do Alignments? The answer and price are clear now.

When You Need a Wheel Alignment?

You can notice these signs in your steering wheel and tires when your car needs wheel alignment:

  • Driving straight forward while having a crooked steering wheel gives the impression that you are making a turn.
  • While directing your steering wheel straight ahead on a flat road, rolling to the right or left.
  • The mismatched tires are being dragged in the opposite direction from where they are directed.
  • Uneven tire wear is identified by one of the following tread patterns: feathering, camber wear, toe wear, and diagonal wipe. A difference in tread wear between the two front tires or the two back tires may also be apparent.

How Long Does Walmart Tire Alignment Take and Last?

As a stand-alone process, wheel alignment takes around an hour. Any along the way broken parts would need to be replaced, which would add time. For any other tire and wheel services that are frequently done in conjunction with wheel alignment, kindly allow more time.

We advise wheel alignment every one to two years because it is rarely included in the recommended maintenance schedule by vehicle manufacturers. With the purchase of any new tire, we strongly advise wheel alignment to ensure uniform tread wear from day one.

$50 Wheel Alignment Near Me: Walmart Auto Care Center

You can use the online store finder tool to schedule a servicing or wheel change appointment at the Service Care Center. You can use this tool to find out specifically which stores are closest to you. The store’s presence can be confirmed by clicking the details button after that.


Does Walmart do alignments? The simplest answer is that wheel alignments are not available at Walmart’s in-store Auto Care Centers, despite the fact that they offer a wide range of handy services at low prices. Get the wheel alignment at auto care centers near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Walmart does not support wheel alignment, but its supermarkets offer many other specialized auto services.
Front-wheel alignment typically costs roughly $50. The price of an alignment for four wheels is about $75. Some suppliers also charge $100 and up.
The wheel alignment takes one hour on average, whether it's a two-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive vehicle. More wear and tear takes a bit longer.
If the tire treads are uneven, you experience a bumpy ride on the smooth road, uneven tread on tires and feel pulling of the vehicle to the left or right.
No, there is no need to rotate or balance tires before an alignment. Tire balancing is done to correct the imbalance caused by things like unequal wear. While tire alignment is carried out to bring the angle of the wheels of your car to the "correct" position.
One or more of your wheels frequently become out of alignment as a result of potholes, curbs, or even small accidents.
Your car's steering wheel and suspension may tremble if your tires are out of balance or out of alignment.