Certain people enjoy tremendous fat joe daughter notoriety as a result of their connections to famous people. Azariah Cartagena is one of these lucky individuals. The young lady in question is Fat Joe’s daughter. 

Due to his singing career in America, Joe has received nominations for Billboard and Grammy awards. Azariah is the family’s youngest child. Prior to her, she has two siblings, Ryan and Joey Cartagena.

The family’s youngest child is adored by both mother Lorena and father Joe. Lean Back with Terror Squad, Make It Rain with Lil Wayne, and other tracks by Fat Joe are well-known. 

In addition to She’s Gotta Have It on Netflix, he had appearances in films including Happy Feet and Scary Movie 3.

Azariah Cartegena

Azariah Cartagena, Joe and Lola’s younger daughter, was born in May 2006. Azariah is regarded as the rapper’s sole child with his bride, as there are speculations that Joey and Ryan aren’t biologically their parents’ entire offspring.

Azariah had the opportunity to spend her 12th birthday with DJ Khaled and his son Asahd Tuck Khaled because she is the child of such a well-known superstar. Rich The Kid, another well-known rapper fat joe daughter, was also present at her birthday celebration in Miami, Florida, last year. She is making the most of her father’s $5 million in wealth and reputation.

Azaria Personal Life

Azariah’s parents have been married for nearly two decades children . Information about her romantic status is scarce. Given her age, she is presumably concentrating on her studies and schooling. In addition, Cartagena and her father have a tight bond.

Azariah is a stunning adolescent who is four feet ten inches tall and has brown eyes and hair. Cartagena is about fourteen kilograms in weight. She is currently in her mid-teens.

Fat Joe Daughter

How Old Is Fat Joe’s Daughter?

Joe and Lorena didn’t have a kid right away after being married in 1995. The couple gave birth to the first kid, a daughter named Azariah Cartegena, eleven years later. 

She was conceived on May 12, 2006. So she has turned 16 years old this year.

Fat Joe Daughter’s Instagram

She uses Instagram frequently. The little girl’s profile is confidential, though. She is still visible on Fat Joe’s account, though. 

He can be found with the handle @fatjoe. 3.1 million people follow him on Twitter.

Facts About Azariah’s Siblings

Joey Cartegena

Joey Cartagena was born in December 1992 and is the oldest son of the rapper “What’s Luv.” As a result of Joseph’s prior relationship with another woman, he is not his parents’ biological son in full.

When he was a young child, the 27-year-old was given an autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis. And despite having ASD, he continues to suffer from a mental illness that dates back to his early years. 

His father is more focused on his special son than his younger half-siblings because, despite being 27, he still thinks like a toddler.

Ryan Cartegena

Ryan Cartagena is Fat Joe’s middle son and second kid. He was born in the United States in 1995. 

Whether or not Ryan is Joe and Lorena’s biological child is a question that comes up frequently. 

It’s believed that Ryan, like his older half-brother Joey, is not their parents’ biological son in his entirety. 

According to rumors, he was also a part of his former connection with the CEO of Terror Squad Entertainment.

Fun Facts About Azaria

  • Taurus is the sign of Azariah.
  • She and her family are close.
  • She goes by the name Azzy.
  • A tax evasion case resulted in her father spending four months in jail.
  • Her dad and Azariah are very close.
  • She turned 16 in May.
  • Visit Azariah’s Instagram page at @azzymilano.


Azariah is still only a kid. The young girl is still enrolled in school. Thus Fat Joe Daughter still needs to establish a well-established career. 

According to sources, Azariah is interested in music and may follow in her famous father’s footsteps.