Have you heard about the iTunes dark mode windows 10? Recently a lot of apps have introduced dark themes. Many people complain about the screen brightness causing eye strain, insomnia, and headaches. 

By accessing dark mode you can now avoid or at least reduce this issue. iTunes has also introduced its dark theme recently. The interface of iTunes is white and bright by default which is good for the daytime. But can cause discomfort at night so now iTunes has introduced a user-friendly and visually appealing dark mode. By applying this dark mode you can now give the app a dark appearance. 

How Does iTunes Dark Mode Windows 10 Work:

Dark mode iTunes Windows 10 works quite similar to the normal phone dark mode. You can change the normal bright white light to a dark-themed interface and also the background. In this setting, the background will be dark and the letters will be white. This setting can best be used for nighttime users of iTunes. 

Is iTunes Dark Mode window 10 Helpful in any Way? 

The iTunes window 10 dark modes will save you from many issues that results from the bright screen and blue light. It will help reduce sleeplessness, eye strain, headaches, and other issues. 

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How to use iTunes Dark Mode windows 10?

The dark mode surely holds great appreciation by many mac users. And a lot of window 10 users also want to apply this setting on their PC. They get the benefits and comfort of the dark mode but they do not know how to apply it. You should simply use the following steps to apply window 10 iTunes dark mode:

  1. Launch the Settings by using the search bar of  Windows 10 from Start.
  2. You will see the Personalization option. Go to that. 
  3. From the next screen select colors. 
  4. You will see the Choose your default app mode option. Select the dark option there. 
  5. The next step is to launch iTunes on your Windows PC and you can now see it in the dark theme. This way you can simply use Windows 10 iTunes dark mode. 

How to use iTunes Dark Mode on MAC? 

  1. Open and update your MAC and turn your device on and update it to the latest version. The old versions do not have a dark mode
  2. Press Apple Logo and find the Apple logo on the home screen in the corner. Tap on it and you’ll see the settings tab open. 
  3. Scroll down from the settings and go to the System Preference option. 
  4. From the system, preference selects the General option by tapping on it. 
  5. There you will see the Dark Mode option. Enable it
  6. iTunes Dark Mode selected
  7. Now all you need to do is to launch iTunes on your MAC and you will see the Dark mode turned on.


Many people use iTunes in the nighttime. Like DJs and other people working with music who prefer working at night. The default setting of iTunes is very bright which is good for the daytime but it gets uncomfortable at night. 

It is so bright that it puts strain on your eyes and causes problems like sleeplessness etc. So like many other apps, iTunes has also come up with the iTunes dark mode. Windows 10. And MAC both have this feature. You can easily apply this setting on both mac and Windows 10 on your PC. 

This model is attractive to look at because the background is all black and the letters are written in white. It also allows you to use iTunes without putting much strain on your eyes.