Novation Real Estate Definition:

Novation in real estate is when the term and the policies of one party are changed or supplanted by another party. This usually happens during a commercial or residential transaction. The initial contract is canceled and re-establish with the new contract. Real estate novation is likely to take place when the term of the contract is forward from one party to the other. 

This happens when one party is transmitting its property to another party. So in this case, both parties the landlord and the hopeful party must coincide for all terms and changes.

For Example:

If a shopkeeper takes over the shop for six months and wants to leave the shop after three months. He can be transferred from the shop to someone else. 

What is a Novation in Real Estate?

In a Novation, we can say that both the responsibilities and the right of parties are based on their contract. To the third party, if one also agrees with the other two parties. If one agrees and the other is not then the agreement would not be a sign. For transferring the contract both party’s agreement is essential. If the contract is among more than two parties. Then must be ensuring that every party will be agreed to the contract then it will be implemented.

Example of Novation:

If a supplier signs agreement to supply more than 1500 beauty creams at the lady’s shop in a month. Both seller and supplier must be agreed to this agreement.

Novation Real Estate Factors:

  • The objective of a Novation Agreement:

A novation is a concurrence assignment made between two convention parties to permit the exchange of a new party for a present one.

  • Usage of Novation in Real Estate:

It is usually used for the handover of property with the consent of both parties. And It is used to convert old conditions or agreements into new ones. Also, It is implemented with the consensus and cooperation of all parties. 

  • Stock market Novation in Real Estate:

Novation means a dealer who talks between 2 parties a seller and a customer. To transfer their property between both of them or to transfer 2 parties’ property to any third party. But with the will and the consent of both parties. 

Novation Real EstateTypes of Novation:

There are two types of novation are:

  • The Construction industry council (CIC)
  • The Society for Construction Law (SCL)

Trading Novation in Real Estate:

As we can say that the participant person can be exchanged with another or new one in the contract


The real trade is novated to two different trades where each fellow part confronts the essential fellow part. Where oppugn to confronting each other, like the case in the real trade.

Law of novation in Real Estate:

The replacement of another contract for a previous one. The new agreement will provide the rights and commitments that were basically under the previous arrangement. A novation customarily emerges when another individual accepts a commitment to pay that was caused by the first party to the contract.

Novation Fee:

This is the process by which the original contract has been eliminated. The old has been replaced by a new contractor or third contractor to take over all responsibilities. It means that the real party transmits the burden and responsibility to the other party.

Previous Date Novation:

In this, rights are transmitted in such a way that all responsibilities, burdens, and rights are transferred to others. Transmit contracts include certain responsibilities and rights. Those begin before the implementation of the novation agreement and after the start of the transmitting contract.

Can you make a New Contract:

Yes, you can create a new contract. If the contractor wants to share or transmit his responsibility, burden, or advantage to other contractors. Transmit his burden to relieve himself or make him relax. A contractor can be hand over responsibility or replace a contractor if others want to take the burden.

Transcript of Novation Agreement:

Distinctively novation:

  • Effective date.
  • Release clause.
  • Representation clause.

Effective Date:

The particular date when the novation is applied on parties.

Release Clause:

This clause particularizes that the original party has been released by its act on its serviceable date.

Representation Clause:

Any warranty or the representation which is created by the party.