Patty Gardell is one of the famous people who got in the light of stardom marrying Billy Gardell. Billy is an actor and stand-up comedian. He got his reputation and become so successful playing a police offer role in a sitcom. The TV series name was My name is Earl which got him so much fan following. He is one of the best actors that made the series quite successful. 

Moving towards the couple’s love life, they are in a matrimonial relationship for two decades. They have a child together which makes them a small yet perfect family. The couple never stops expressing their love for each other. This is one of the main reasons why people want to know about Billy Gardell’s wife. So, let’s talk about her and see what made her step into the limelight. 

Patty Gardell Biography:

She has turned 49 this year 2021. Born in the United States, she is an American citizen. Her parents are Nettie Haynes Carr and Jim. She went to the Vidalia High School and at the Augusta State Univerity. She also studied accountancy after she graduated from Augusta State University. The celebrity has three other siblings which she loves from her heart. She often shares their pictures on her social media on special occasions. 

Billy Gardell’s wife Patty Gardell:

Well, there is no denying that Patty has got all the fame from her husband. Being in the limelight of the entertainment industry, Bill never appears on an award show without her wife. They both are just the perfect duo which seems like a fairytale for the fans. You can say she is another half of Bill and that makes them complete. But, there is no information about Patty’s projects on the internet and media. 

However, she seems to be quite successful like her husband. The actor and comedian Bill have also faced a hard time reaching where he is today. He has gone through many odd jobs like unloading trucks, stacking pallets, cleaning bathrooms, and seating people. But of course, hard work has its way of gifting success. And, we can all see where is the man today with millions of fans. 

While he was working, he performed at the comedy’s club open mic nights. He then became part of the International Thespian society troupe 850. In 2000, he got the leading role in movies like Gray the rat and The king of queens. He is famous for his comedy characters around the world especially after Yes, Dear. This is his favorite project that got him so much attention and recognition among fans. 

Gardell also worked in a lot of TV shows after that and has got a lot of famous. He is currently playing the role of Robert, “Bob” in the Bob Hearts Abishola. 

Long-life marriage of Patty Gardell:

The couple has been married now for almost 20 years. They have lived a happily married life since 2001 when they tied the knot. The wedding ceremony took place in Los Angeles, California. Wearing a beautiful white gown and Bill wearing coat pants, they both married each other. Since today, they have been leading the perfect fairytale relationship. 

Together since 1999, they both have kept their relationship a mystery. There is no news at all that whether they were dating or working with each other. Like how they met, where they met when did all start. But, Patty has been posting pictures on anniversaries and valentines that have been giving us the hint. Of course, the couple does not want to share their story in public. 

Patty Gardell – Mother of one Child:

Billy Gardell gave birth to the very first child of her son named William in 2003. The family resides in Studio City, California where they are living a happy life. The family of three has been appearing in so many places and spend quality time. They go on vacations to the most exotic places. 

Patty’s fortune is $300,000 calculated in 2001. Her husband on the other hand has a net worth of $8 million. His acting career plays a good role in increasing fortune. Moreover, Bill has lost 45 pounds after his so much workout. He was 350 pounds but his dedication has given him a new personality