The full name of Donald Trump is Donald John Trump. He was born in New York on June 14, 1949, and became the 45th president of the United States. His ruling era in the United States is from 2017 to 2021. Trump was a businessperson and a real estate developer and gained his name in many hotels, golf courses, and residential properties in New York City. He currently owns casinos, buildings, resorts and so much more. You might know a lot about him through this Donald Trump Jr Twitter. 

In the history of the US, Trump was the third president after Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998. He is the only one who came into power twice. In the elections of 2020, Joe Biden wins the elections by gaining more votes than Trump. Joe Biden wins the elections with 306 votes, and Trump loses the 2020 elections by 232 electoral votes. 

Donald Trump Jr Twitter:

Like other people, the President of the US Donald Trump jokes is also very active on Twitter. His tweets come daily. Sometimes Trump is trolled on Twitter because of his wrong and silly tweets. This happened after he lost the elections of 2020. You might have seen a lot of bashing on Donald Trump Jr. Twitter. 

The US President was suspended last week from Twitter in the wake of his supporters for the violent storming of Capitol Hill. Donald Trump was also suspended from Instagram and Facebook.

As of 2009, there are more than 47000 original tweets from the personal account of Donald Trump. There was an argument that Trump used this platform inordinately. 

Donald Trump Twitter Jr says that he might build his platform. But twitter removed this tweet. After that, he also tweeted that “We will not be SILENCED”. With this threat, Donald Trump was ruled out that he does not have the right direction to control different forms of media.

In November, he was considered to launch his right-wing media venture. This news was reported by Axios.  The internet always remains a natural hunting ground for his followers because of Trump Jr tweets where they gain support through spreading hate speech and racist

Donald Trump Jr Twitter – Tweets of hate

Donald Trump jr Twitter - Misleading informations:

Twitter Donald Trump Jr is banned and also his social media accounts were banned, but this action would not make him silent, nor would his supporters become silent. Banning Trump from social media won’t necessarily silence him or his supporters. British broadcaster and psychiatrist named Raj Persaud said well to sum up it: “narcissists do not respond well to social exclusion”.

Since the departure of Parler, many other people have highlighted that there are still many options available for Donald Trump which were used for communication. They planned the siege at Capital. Many Trump followers and supporters have flocked to one of the platforms named Gab.

Hate speech, racism, and violence predate the internet and this is very important to remember. People who are predisposed to these ideologies, one day will find a way to connect with others like them.

And the beliefs of censorship cannot be changed. Whatever extremist ideologies are, they tend to become biased. That’s the reason for people to interrupt information according to their own beliefs. Last year, when Twitter acted to limit the content of Qanon, some followers took steps to confirm the conspiracy, which claims Satan-worshipping elites from within government, business and the media are running a “deep state” against Trump.

Donald Trump jr Twitter – Misleading informations:

Twitter penalized Donald Trump for posting some misleading information about the coronavirus pandemic. He posted misinformation about hydroxychloroquine. After that, the social media giant said, underlining the tough stance it has taken in policing misleading posts from high-profile users, including President Trump, in recent months. 

Twitter gave orders to the son of the President to delete misleading tweets and restrict his account for the next 12 hours. They also said that Donald Trump Jr. Can send messages directly to his followers, but he is not allowed to tweet or retweet within the next 12 hours.

After that Trump Jr. Deleted the post and then Twitter shows “This Tweet is no longer available because it violated the Twitter Rules.” 

The tweet has the video of doctors who are making false claims about the covid 19 pandemic. This video was tweeted by Donald Trump Jr.’s. This post was retweeted by his followers of 84.2 million. In short, Trump has made many inaccurate tweets in recent years and has also gotten trolled. You can even check Donald Trump Jr Twitter today.