Cristiano Ronaldo has been an extraordinary and a great Portuguese professional football (soccer) player in his generation. This article covers different facts (from personal to professional) about him.

Ronaldo7’s Personal Profile

The worldwide known soccer player was born on February 5, 1985. His father worked as the equipment manager for the local club named Andorinha. It is this club where Ronaldo started playing soccer at the age of 8 years old. Ronaldo’s age is 36 years now.

One thing fans have always been curious to know about is whether Ronaldo is married or not. In Portugal, it is legal to make children without getting married. Ronaldo has had many affairs but he is not married yet.

Two of his most known girlfriends are Irina Shayk and Georgina Rodriguez. None of them is legally married to him. The latter one is his current girlfriend now. Fans believe that Georgina Rodriguez will be Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife the in future. But let’s just leave it to Ronaldo whether he would like to marry her formally or not.

Though Ronaldo is not formally married to anyone, he has 4 children: one daughter and three sons. His first-ever son was born in 2010. He is named after Ronaldo, that is, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. This Cristiano Ronaldo’s son is 11 years old now. He is nearly as famous in the soccer world as Ronaldo himself was at this age.

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Ronaldo has two twins, Eva and Mateo Ronaldo, and they were born in 2017. In the same year, Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez blessed him with a daughter, Alana Martin. Though his kids are from different mothers, he seems to love all of them equally. He even calls himself a proud father.

Ronaldo7’s Professional Profile

Let’s move towards his professional life now. After playing locally and nationally as a soccer player, he joined Sporting Lisbon in 1996. Sporting Lisbon is one of Portugal’s best clubs. 1996 proved to be an immensely revolutionary year for Ronaldo.

After that, he left his family for training hard. It was in 2002 when Ronaldo’s football got famous. He was just 16 years old by then. Every year of his age seemed to add in his glory, after that. Playing for Portugal’s Youth Team in UEFA’s Under 17 Championship made the world attract to his abilities.

Soon after that, many clubs wanted to sign Ronaldo. But Ronaldo7 Manchester United happened as Ronaldo signed for the 2003-2004 pre-season.

As the popularity of Ronaldo has always been advancing, he has made himself 500 million followers across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Moreover, Ronaldo has been one of the highest-paid players all over the world. The estimated Ronaldo net worth is $120M.

He doesn’t only have fans from all over the world on social media sites. But there also is a fan website for him with the name of Cr7 Stream or Ronaldo 7 stream.

Which one is Better: Ronaldo7 or Ronaldo?

There is no doubt that Ronaldo is one of the world’s biggest soccer athletes. But a debate always seems to be there between the fans of Ronaldo and Ronaldo Fenomeno. That is, which one of them is better?

Fans exchange arguments on both players’ performances and the number of trophies. After that, they often say if the Brazilian Ronaldo had not suffered from injuries, he must have played better than Ronaldo7.

Cristiano Ronaldo Island

This island is Ronaldo’s private land in his home country Portugal. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean near Madeira, this island holds a stunning beauty. In 2020, Ronaldo was self-quarantined here. If you wish to explore this island, then you gladly can. Because it an open tourist spot as well and welcomes its tourists.

To make the long story short, Ronaldo7 is a world-known football player. Though his personal life is less-known and complicated, he seems to be completely happy with it.