Kimberly Guilfoyle and Eric Villency’s son Ronan Anthony Villency is a world-famous figure. From 2006 to 2009, the former couple was married. He is the son of two prominent industry figures. He is the son of a businessman and a television personality. With his parents both millionaires, Ronan enjoys a luxurious lifestyle as a star kid.

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Ronan Anthony Villency Early Life.

Ronan Anthony Villency was born in the United States on October 4th, 2006. A former flame of Kimberly Guilfoyle, Eric Villency is the only child of his parents. As for Ronan’s ethnicity, he comes from an Irish-Puerto Rican background. His nationality is American.

From the time of their divorce to the present, Kimberly and Eric raised their son in California. Originally from San Francisco, Kimberly grew up in the Mission District of the city. However, Ronan’s father is from NYC.

He hails from a family of businessmen as his great-grandfather Maurice Villency founded Maurice Villency Inc., the company Ronan’s father now runs.

Ronan is in middle school at the time of writing this article. His school’s name is unknown.

The Peak and Weight of Ronan Anthony Villency.

Ronan Anthony rams into the youngster despite being 20-19. With earthy hair and dark eyes, he has a mellow appearance. Also, Ronan doesn’t use web-based social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram since he’s too young to rely on them.

Ronan Anthony Villency has How Many Siblings?

Ronan is the only child of his parents. Yet despite that, he doesn’t feel lonely because his mother’s boyfriend Donald Trump Jr.’s children are quite close to him.

There are five children born to Donald Trump Jr. The five children share a close bond with Kimberly’s son Ronan. The kids enjoy themselves together often in pictures shared by his mom.

As a child, Ronan is certain to enjoy his status as a single child because he gets the love and attention of his parents. What’s even better is that he gets to open the gift by himself.

Relationship Between Parents.

The marriage of Ronan’s parents lasted for three years before they divorced. In the year 2006, Eric Villency and Kimberley Guilfoyle tied the knot in May, 5 months before their first child, a son, was born. Kimberly and Eric were married for the second time. Eric was getting married for the first time

Ronan Anthony Villency came under equal custody after the two separated. Each parent spends as much time as they can with Ronan. They have a good relationship, despite being divorced, because of their kid.

Parental Net Worth.

Eric Villency, Ronan’s father, is worth $5 million and runs Villency Design Group. This firm specializes in designing interiors and products.

Former Fox news anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle is now Deputy Senior Advisor to President Donald Trump and Ronan’s mom. A successful career has made Guilfoyle a millionaire as well.

With both of his parents being successful multimillionaires, Ronan has always lived a life of luxury and financial security.