Well, Google Analytics helps you to understand the filter setting for data in views. A lot of people question what is not a filter setting for data in views?. There are many options for filter settings and you must know which is not the right one. There are many options like:

  • Include 
  • Exclude
  • Restore
  • Modify

The Restore here is the right answer for what is not a filter setting for data in views. 

What is not a Filter Setting for Data in Views? – Further Explanation:

Restore is not a filter setting for data in the view. There are different types of custom filters available for the filter. But, that includes the include, exclude and modify filters. There is no restore option available.

Filter effects are necessary and permanent. You cannot restore them to the original with just a filter option. They are unfiltered if the data is run by the filter setting.

Filter verification is also very important as it helps you to catch all the problems. You can save these filters and ensure a real impact on your data. It could be in your way as you want your data to appear. Moreover, you have the options to limit or modify the data as well for views. Let us take an example over here for a better understanding. 

IP addresses usually include the data from specific domains, subdomains, pages, directories. It further converts them in URL to be readable text strings. Moreover, in Google Analytics, you can use these filters for modifying the data according to your choice.

These filters help to exclude the traffic coming from the IP addresses. Restore is not even around the filter parameter for what is not a filter setting for data in views.