Chase Rutherford was born on December 5, 2001. Originally from Texas, USA, he lives in New York City nowadays. He was born under the Sagittarius star sign. Earlier this year, Chase posted an Instagram photo of his family. 

Moreover, his social media accounts have featured them as well. Lisa Rutherford is his mother, while his father’s name is unknown. Brooke Rutherford is his older sister. He has not provided any information regarding his education.

Chase Rutherford Early Life.

Originally from Texas, Chase Rutherford’s birthday is on 5 Dec. So, how old is Chase rutherford? Well, Chase Rutherford’s age will be 20 years old on Dec, 5 this year. In June 2017, he released his first video entitled “HOW2 MAKE CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES,” which was uploaded to YouTube on Jun 18, 2015.

Modeling has been Chase’s passion since he was young. Growing up, his parents took good care of him and loved him. In order to pursue his goals, they were always meeting all of his needs. His childhood has undoubtedly played an important role in his present-day successes.


Chase Rutherford has been with TikTok since its inception. His videos are known for their comedy, dance, and pov. Chase has achieved 81.4 million likes and 2.5 million followers on TikTok.

With 353,000 followers on Instagram, he posts selfies, funny, and modeling photos there. There are 29 videos on Chase’s YouTube channel. There are 169,000 subscribers to his Youtube channel.

Chase Rutherford  Personal Life

Where does Chase Rutherford live? He lives in NYC, he is single at the moment. He has also never been in a relationship before. The reason he may not disclose his love life may be that he focuses mostly on advancing his career. 

There’s little information about her life that he shares with her. Since then, neither rumors nor controversy have surfaced concerning the TikTok star. Chase Rutherford college? It is unknown yet. 

 Body Measurements

How tall is Chase rutherford? He is five feet nine inches tall, while the heaviest weighs approximately 65 kilograms. In addition, his hair is dark brown and his eyes are hazel. 

He has a body measurement of 42-29-36 inches. 9.5-US shoe size fits him. He has 18-inch biceps. A charming smile and a slender frame complement his attractive appearance.

Chase Rutherford’s Physical Appearance

Though fans see his TikTok videos, some still question how he looks, what he weighs, or most importantly they ask “how tall is Chase Rutherford?”

Chase Rutherford looks very charming with his hazel eyes and dark brown hair. He weighs around 65 kg. And, the height of Chase Rutherford is 5 feet and 9 inches.

Chase Rutherford  Relationship

Chase Rutherford is secretive about his love life. The details of his girlfriend have yet to be revealed. As of 2020, reports indicate that he is single.

Relationship status is single for him at the moment. It is also unknown when he was last in a relationship. He may not be interested in disclosing his love life because he is focused on building his career.

There’s not much information available about Chase Rutherford’s life online. Hence, there hasn’t been any controversy or rumors associated with the TikTok star.

Chase Rutherford as a member of 4freakshow merch

Chase Rutherford has been a member of freakshow, which is a popular show on Twitch. It’s a live show in which four personalities, Chase Rutherford, Haley Sharpe, Claire Drake, and HamzahTheFantastic, have fun together over zoom. All of these four personalities are TikTok Stars.

The group of the show has a massive following on Twitch. The content of their show is diverse, which includes pillow fights during sleepovers, making, truth or dare, and talent shows. The young generation loves to watch the show after a whole day of homework.

Chase Rutherford is known to be the funniest member of 4freakshow. Chase hasn’t even started his 20’s and he’s become a beloved TikTok star at such a young age. Considering the fame of these 4 youngsters, they remain quite trendy on the internet. Because people often ask on the internet “how old is Chase” or about other members’ age. 

Despite making the fans laugh hilariously with their mutual efforts, the members of the show don’t seem willing to work together anymore. There has been quite a talk about the split of the members of 4freakshow on the internet. Chase Rutherford recently posted a video in which he talked about leaving the show. Though it’s not confirmed whether the members are splitting up or not, fans are just hoping they don’t.

Social Media

Chase Rutherford is active on social media platforms including:

Instagram & Twitter.

In his Instagram profile (“@chase_rutherford”), Rutherford has 362K followers and posts 38 times. Several family and friend photos have been posted on his Instagram account.

The same can be said about his Twitter account, where he has 22.1K followers and tweets 38 times a day under the tag name (“@chase120501”).


Besides his channel on YouTube, Chase also has a channel on Lynda called “Chase Rutherford”, which has 170K subscribers. His channel features vlogs, pranks, vlogs, funny videos, fashion, and other fun videos. He joined YouTube in June 2015 and has been posting videos since then.

He got a lot of subscribers on his YouTube channel from his comedic and humorous activities, and his videos have been viewed 5,807,509 times.


Chase rutherford TikTok account is (“@chaserutherford”), where he has 2.5M followers and 81.3M likes. Several of Chase’s TikTok videos garnered him more fame and light.

Chase Rutherford  Net worth

Chase is an American Youtuber and TikTok star whose net worth is estimated at $150,000 in 2021. Brand deals and sponsorships are the main sources of his income.

What Kind of Person Chase Rutherford is?

As Chase Rutherford seems a reserved person, fans become keen to know everything about him. He hasn’t disclosed his whole personal life and we don’t know a lot about his relationship life either. But we can know a little about his habits or personality traits with the help of astrology. As Chase Rutherford’s birthday is on December 5, 2001, his zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

The Sagittarius man is very adventurous, fun-loving, and energetic. He has a passion for life and the world. He wants to explore everything he can. He has a big heart and he’s courageous. He’s the fun friend of the group.

Well, Chase Rutherford seemingly has all of the above traits of a Sagittarius man. Chase TikTok made him known to the world. He has a passion for modeling, a spirit to earn a name and to live life to its fullest, and he seems to explode with energy as well.

A Sagittarius man demands flexibility and freedom in his career. As Chase Rutherford’s age is almost 20 years now, he has developed a successful career in TikTok, which is a lot in accordance with his zodiac sign. He has flexibility and freedom in his career, and he seems to enjoy it a lot.

Moreover, the Sagittarius man likes to be independent in his love life and values his personal space. That seems quite true about Chase Rutherford, as he hasn’t yet revealed his relationship life to fans. 

Here are some less-Known Facts about Chase Rutherford:

  • Has he ever drunk alcohol? ::: Yes
  • Is he a smoker? ::::::::: Unknown
  • He began his YouTube channel in 2017.
  • Chase posted pictures of his family on Instagram in 2019.
  • The TikTok video is a collaboration between him and Claire Drake.
  • In addition to Twitch talk shows, Chase appeared on a number of other programs