Ernest Khalimov aka GigaChad is one of the most famous bodybuilders in Russia. He is 52 years old now and was born in 1969. Most people were in doubt that GigaChad is real or not. He goes viral from the project name as SLEEK’N’TEARS because of his strong and muscular body. Many other bodybuilders were highly impressed by his body and started discussing him. They thought that he was just like a digital creation. 

Krista Sudmails is the owner of SLEEK’N’TEARS. At the start of his career, he did the photography of Dark Art and horror along with his friend. Later on, he moves toward the photography of masculine principle which means to capture the images of the naked male body. So he appointed many muscular models with them; he also selected GigaChand as a model for her masculine photography. The images of GigaCahand goes viral in 2016 on many social media platforms. 

Not a lot of people know about the real-life chad. This guy started posting memes on his photos on social media from where he got the fame. The term Chad model got real because as soon he got hit through gigachad meme. After that, his muscular body became the face of magazines and companies. 

Biography of Ernest Khalimov aka Gigachad

NameGiga chad AKA Ernest Khalimov aka Berlin
Date of birth1st march 1969
His age52 year old
His height 6 feet 8inches tall
Birth cityRussia
Nationality holderRussia
His zodiac signPisces
Hair colorBrown
His professionModel, Bodybuilder, Fitness athlete 

The social life of Ernest Khalimov aka GigaChad 

He is having an Instagram account named Berlin. There were only 18 posts present on his account but he is having 293k followers. This shows that he is not much interested in the social media circle. As he is a star but did not seem to be active on the internet promotions. He is only famous for his strong body among all the men. His social life was all about fitness and health as he is quite passionate about it. 

Considering today’s trends, he started making Gigachad memes that got so hit. He tried to follow the trend and it got him the results he was looking for. Ernest is currently also working as an influencer where he is sharing his journey. People are quite into his fitness journey and want to achieve a body like him. 

The physical strength of GigaChad

The physical strength of GigaChad afraid 99.9% of men even that Chad did not come neatly to them. A woman who belongs to an allosexual society reacts to GigaChad’s body like small worms moving around a lamp. If you mention the name of GigaChad many people relate it to the Earnest but his created meme is more popular than him. 

GigaChad Real or fake?


When people see his pictures they think that GigaChad is fake because of how someone has this perfect body. But people who thought that he is fake should change their minds because he is a real personality. Moreover, he is working as a model for “Sleek and tears” company owned by Krista Sudmalis

He keeps his profile as low as possible and did not interested in any type of promotions and marketing ideas. On April 26/27 some rumors about GigaChad that he is dead. But later on, when he uploaded his picture it proves that he is fine and alive. There are a lot of rumors that go on about him but it is only because he is famous. 

Doubts about GigaChad 

There are many doubts about GigaChand among his fans. As his body is so much attractive and maintained which people thought could not exist in real life. They thought that his awesome pictures are the effect of photoshop these are not real. He did not show interest at all to defend his personality that he is not fake by social posts. So doubts remain wandering in the brain of many people.

But after his Instagram account name as Berlin, the secret and doubts reveled. And he said to the people through his post that 

“Sorry for not answering. I’m not very sociable (T. rex), but it was a pleasure to read. In any case, I have nothing to say to you, probably because I seem so much more interesting from your words. It’s very flattering and outshines my common people.”

These memes became so much popular among his fans. They never could believe that he is an inspiration and have a really attractive body.

Who is Ernest Khalimov family?

Everyone wants to know about the famous Gigachad family. Well, his family is still a mystery. He posts a lot of pictures but he never mentions about his friends or family. Soon, he might share a little about them as his fans are eager for this information. A lot of media channels have given him a lot of money and opportunities for this information as well. But we do not know still who is his mother, father or siblings. 

There are many pictures on his social media of gatherings, dinner, and vacation. But it is hard to say that that is his family. 

Another important fact about this celebrity is that he got into a major car accident in the past as well. A lot of people said that he is dead but he is alive and living a healthy life. Well, even if we don’t know anything about him a lot of people are eager to learn about his love life. Even if you search you cannot find a lot of pictures of him with women. He wants to keep his personal life a mystery in front of the media. 

Education and dating history:

A surprising fact is that no one knows about the education history of Gigachad as well. It is more like no one knew about him at all. And, now the celebrity is keeping a mystery. There are so many questions that people ask about him but the celebrity has been keeping everything behind the curtain. There is no doubt that Gigachad is a celebrity now as his net worth is $1 million. 

His income is through many sponsors and companies who pays him for modeling. Moreover, he has a lot of fans who follow him on social media. There are no such contact details of him but you can see him on social media. He is a lot online there and posts on daily basis. Let’s not forget that he got his fame through his funny memes. Well, we know for one thing that he has a good sense of humor. And, that is the reason why his fans love him so much. 

There is no dating history we could know as well. Apart from his current dating mystery, there is no history for us to know as well. Even though it seems like he is a social person in his life, he never lets people know more about him. So, it seems like we have to wait for him to tell us the mystery person who he is dating or marrying in the future.