Juana Ahumada has been trending on the internet for the last few days because of her second marriage. She married a Mexican-American celebrity who is a Mexican performer, actor, singer, composer, and record producer. This article discusses almost all about her and her Mexican-American celebrity spouse.

Biography of Juana Ahumada

Biography of Juana Ahumada

She was born in Mexico and goes by the nickname, Juana. She belongs to mixed ethnicity and holds Mexican-American nationality. Capricorn is her zodiac sign. She follows Christianity. Though she prefers to keep her personal life private, it’s said that she was born into a middle-class family. Her childhood experience has been loving and caring, as she’s a single child to her Mexican parents.

The name of the Mexican-American celebrity that she married is Pedro Rivera. Being a singer, performer, composer, actor, and record producer, he’s a Mexican-American celebrity. Juana’s most famous role is being Rivera’s second wife. She has worked as his assistant for 8 years. Pennsylvania’s governor, Tom Wolf, nominated her as the state’s Secretary of Education. She’s remained a Lancaster School District administrator as well.

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Relationship of Juana Ahumada

Relationship of Juana Ahumada

As you know, Pedro was Juana’s boss and she has worked for him for almost 8 years before their marriage. The couple got married in 2019. Their wedding ceremony was a secrete wedding ceremony that was held at Huntington Park, California. The assumption is that the officiator was the only individual present at the wedding besides the groom and bride.

The fans were not aware of their marriage at the time the couple got married. It was after a couple of months of their marriage that the Mexican-American celebrity, Pedro, announced their marriage. He made this announcement on a show titled, Un Nuevo Da.

As fans became aware of it and viewed his wife, they compared his new wife with his ex-wife, Rosa Rivera Saavedra. Though his new wife, Juana, is young and beautiful, fans are comparing her with his ex-wife.

Pedro has been even asked about a past relationship mistake that he wouldn’t want to repeat. He answered this question quite philosophically and replied that he had made a lot of mistakes in his past, but as we are people, we keep learning every day.

Juana appears quite younger in front of his husband Pedro as he’s 77 years old, but still, fans just couldn’t help compare her with his ex-wife. The statements like “Juana married him for the sake of him” are circulating on the internet as well. And there are also discussions going about the ex-wife of Don Pedro Rivera.

Pedro married his ex-wife in 1963 and divorced her in 2008. In his long-term relationship with her, he had six children with her. But, now, Juana is a proud step-mother of his six children.

Interview About the Relationship Between Pedro and Juana Ahumada

 Pedro and Juana Ahumada

It was after a few months of their marriage when the news of their marriage broke. Before the news had become national and international as well, only a few people considered their marriage. As stated above, it was Pedro who revealed their marriage on the show titled, Un Nuevo Dia, and said that he had been married to her for two or three months.

Pedro’s new wife, or as they would say in Spanish, Juana Ahumada esposa de Pedro Rivera, is a young beautiful lady with dark brown eyes. Since the news of their marriage has broken up, fans have been gossiping about her appearance and look, how the couple looks together, and how’s their relationship with each other.

Being the Ideal Couple for Many Years:

If you go on physical appearance, they might not seem an ideal couple as there’s a huge age difference among them. Pedro’s age is 77 years while his wife’s age or Juana Ahumada edad is 40 years. They may not be an ideal couple, yet they look quite good together.

And their relationship with each other seems well-established, as Juana complemented her husband quite nicely in an interview on a television show called “A New Day”.

She was asked how her husband conquered her. She replied, “He is a person who has a lot of passion for what he does, I love that and he does not give up on anything. Not even if he is trampled on, he does not give up; he’s very respectful of people and I love that.”

In response to Juana’s these words, Pedro said a few words about his relationship with his ex-wife (or as you’d like to say it in Spanish Rosa esposa de Pedro Rivera). He said he wouldn’t want to repeat the mistakes that he made in his almost 40 years of marriage. He also said that as we are people, we learn every day. Moreover, he said that he likes and enjoys what he and his wife are doing, and also that he is open-minded to everyone.

When Did Juana Change Her Surname to Rivera and Became Renowned As Pedro Rivera’s Wife?

As discussed earlier, they got married in 2019 but it was a secret wedding ceremony. Although a few people were aware of their marriage at that time, no one attended the ceremony except the officiator and the bride and groom themselves. The wedding ceremony took place at Huntington Park, California. He revealed about being married to Juana a few months after the marriage in a show Un Nuevo Da. 

Pedro Rivera’s Children

Pedro had six children with his ex-wife and now, Pedro Rivera’s new wife, Juana, is a proud step-mother of these six children. However, no statement has been made yet about the relationship between the children and their stepmother. It’s reportedly said that Juana is proud to be the stepmother of Pedro’s six children.

The name of Pedro’s children are Rosie Rivera, Jenni Rivera, Juan Rivera, Lupillo Rivera, Gustavo Rivera, and Pedro Rivera Jr. We have discussed a little bit about each of his kids below.

Rosie Rivera is an American Television personality. She’s also a businesswoman and has been the chief executive officer of Jenni Rivera Enterprises.

It’s sad to say that Jenni Rivera died 9 years ago in an airplane crash when she was 43 years old. It must have been hard for her dad and her fans to know about her tragic death. But besides being sad about her death, Jenni Rivera’s dad is proud that her daughter was a popular American singer.

She was also an actress, songwriter, television producer, philanthropist, spokesperson, and entrepreneur. Her work within the Regional Mexican music genre became a prominent reason for her fame.

Who is Juan Riveria:

Juan Rivera is an actor of Mexican heritage and also an American singer. His wife also becomes a topic of gossip among fans. Because Juan Rivera, despite being convicted of some illegal acts (ones that we shouldn’t discuss here), is still married to his wife. Juan Rivera’s wife is Brenda Rivera. His wife has worked as a Journalist in Wapa Television.

She never discloses any information about her salary or net worth. Though it’s been said that the relationship between Juan Rivera and his wife has been quite controversial, it’s known that Juan Rivera singer wife supports him mentally and emotionally.

Gustavo Rivera is a politician. He’s a New York state senator who represents the 33rd Senate District. He’s nicknamed Gus. He got married to Martha Duarte in 1989. 

One of Pedro’s kids is name after his name and he’s called Pedro Rivera Jr. He was born in California, in 1964. He’s 57 years old and his zodiac sign is Taurus. He’s renowned as a great religious leader. He’s quite popular on Instagram. His wife, or as the Spanish would say, esposa de Pedro Rivera Jr, is Ramona Rivera. 

Lupillo Rivera is quite a topic of gossip among Pedro’s fans. His real name is Guadalupe Rivera, but he’s better known by his stage name, Lupillo Rivera. He is a songwriter and an American singer. For his album, Tu Esclavo y Amo, he was awarded Grammy Award. Lupillo Rivera’s ex-wife was Mayeli Alonso.

He married her in 2006 and they got separated in 2019. He’s a popular singer and that’s why his fans don’t miss a chance to know about his personal life.

He has been dating a 23 years old girl, Giselle Soto who is a businesswoman. Moreover, he revealed in a press conference that Giselle Soto is Lupillo Rivera’s wife now, and he and his girlfriend have been married now for several months. It’s said that his ex-wife’s reaction to his new marriage was sad and sick. He’s a father of 8 children. Among Lupillo Rivera kids, he’s the biological father of 7, and one kid is adopted. 

Controversies on Their Relationship

The social media users don’t seem quite happy with the relationship between Pedro and his wife Juana. Maybe that is because his Mexican fans have been devoted to his ex-wife for over 40 years.

Moreover, it also seems that he’s been criticized for dating and marrying a woman who is quite younger than he is, as Juana Ahumada’s age is 40 years while Pedro’s is 77 years. Some of the controversial comments Pedro is receiving are as below:

  1. Never have ever this family got tired of making fool of themselves.
  2. Many women would do anything to have a fine stomach.
  3. He’s not a respected man.
  4. He’s a ridiculous man.
  5. She (Juana) looks like his granddaughter. 

Professional Career of Juana Ahumada

Apart from all the relationship gossip and Pedro’s family history, you might also want to know a bit about Juana’s professional career. Though her husband’s career is well and he’s internationally popular, Juana is only known for working as Pedro’s personal assistant for 8 years. Apart from working as Pedro Rivera Sr.’s assistant till 2019, there’s no information about her past employment.

Some facts about Juana Rivera

You might like to know the following facts about Juana Rivera.

  1. She hasn’t been this well known before becoming Pedro’s wife as she is now.
  2. She doesn’t use social media accounts and isn’t a member of any social media site.
  3. Her net worth is $400K to $500K whereas, Pedro Rivera’s net worth is about $236,1 Million.
  4. The White House and the Washington Post have also recognized Rivera’s scholarly accomplishments.
  5. The Pennsylvania State Senate confirmed Juana Rivera’s nomination on June 3, 2015.
  6. She gives extreme importance to her husband and family.
  7. Her date of birth is 7 August 1980.
  8. She’s is a blonde girl with dark brown eyes.
  9. She’s 5 feet and 5 inches tall and her body weight is 55kg. 
  10. Though Juana Ahumada is quite popular on the internet these days, she isn’t a member of social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But her husband is quite active on Instagram with 9420 posts and 341K followers.