The full name of Vanna White is Vanna Marie Rosich. She was born on February 18, 1957 nearby North Myrtle Beach in Horry county, South Carolina. She is a well known and famous American television personality and film actress. 

Her parents are Joan Marie Nicholas and Miguel Angel Rosich and they got divorced when Vanna was very young. Later, she was brought up by her mother and grandfather.

She completed her high school and moved to Atlanta, Georgia and took admission in the Atlanta School Of Fashion and Design. Afterwards, she started as a model. She also worked as a cheerleader in high school.

That was her first step towards television. Afterwards, she appeared in the game show called The Price Is Right in which she participated as a contestant. Since 1982, she is widely known for being hostess of Wheel of Fortune. She was a career-oriented woman and she made her place in the television industry through her determination. How old is Vanna white is the question that arises in everyone’s mind as she’s for so long. So, the answer to this is 64 years. 

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The Career Journey of Vanna White:

First, she made an appearance on television as a contestant in the Miss Georgia USA in 1978. Later, she joined game shows. In 1980, she started her acting career and acted in a movie. In 1982, she joined Wheel of Fortune as a substitute hostess after Susan Stafford, the hostess of Wheel of Fortune left it and later she became a permanent hostess and this was one of her huge achievements. 

Then in 1987, her autobiography which is Vanna Speaks! was a huge hit. In 1987, she got featured as Vanna white playboy pictorial. Where Vanna white nudes were seen before the start of her career in a show called Wheel of Fortune.

 She further acted in more films and appeared in many television shows such as The King of Queens, Super Mario Bros, Full House, Simon and Simon, 227, Super Shows and L.A. law and in the films like Naked gun 33⅓, Double Dragon and The Final insult. And in 2006, she got a start on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
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Personal life of Vanna White:

Vanna White belongs to Christianity. In 1980, she started dating John Gibson and eventually, they got engaged. But a few years after their engagement he got killed in a plane crash. Vanna white fiance plane crash was tragic for her but she got over it. 

Here you must be wondering, is Vanna white married? Yes! She got married to a restaurant owner and a real estate developer, George Santo Pietro in 1990. Afterwards, she announced her first pregnancy but unfortunately she miscarried.

 Vanna later gave birth to a son named Nicholas Santo Pietro in 1994 and a daughter Giovanna Santo Pietro in 1997 from her marriage to George Santo Pietro. Her son Nicholas has an interest in farming and she calls him “country boy” while her daughter is like her and has an interest in fashion and arts. 

In 2002, they got divorced. Then she got engaged to Micheal Kaye who is a businessman but she never got married to him. Now, Vanna white age is 64 years and is currently dating a contractor, John Donaldson, president of JDC construction and development.

 They have been together since 2012 but did not get married. A lot of people ask her why she is not getting married to him and she gives the same answer every time that in my eyes, in both of our eyes, we feel married. According to her, they both are spending a very happy life together.

The Net Worth of Vanna White:

Vanna White is a popular model, actress and American television personality. But she is known for being a hostess and a puzzle-board turner of the game show. Because of this, she gets to work in many shows and films. 

Vanna white net worth is 70 million dollars. She is a bit wealthier than her co-host Pat Sajak. Her net worth increased to a greater extent after she got married to a very prosperous restaurant owner and real estate developer, George Santo Pietro. 

Vanna white salary is 10 million dollars to George Santo Pietro, they started living in a gated community called The Mulholland Estates. Eventually, they built a 15,000 sq ft house in the Beverly Park gated community. They lived there until they got divorced. 

After that, they rented that house and sold it later. For a very long time, her residency had been a 10,000 sq ft mansion in the hills situated above Beverly Hills that she bought back in the 2000s for 3.4 million dollars. Other than that, she bought another house in Sherman Oaks, California for 1.125 million dollars.

Businesses of Vanna White:

Vanna has a great interest in real estate. A very big part of Vanna white net worth is used in investing in houses, apartments and buildings. This happened after she got married to George Santo Pietro as they both invested in real estate together and later it became her side business and her urge of changing houses after some time made her invest more.

Other than that, when Vanna was five years old, her grandmother taught her the art of crocheting. It was her hobby in childhood but with passing time she lost her interest in the art of crocheting. Later, on the set of Wheel of Fortune, she saw her hairdresser who was pregnant at that time crocheting a blanket for her baby.

 She told her that she had a great interest in it but has forgotten it now. She requested her and relearnt the art of crocheting from her hairdresser and started doing it on sets. It was very comforting and relaxing for her and eventually, she started spending most of her time doing this. Later, she spoke up about her interest in crocheting and soon after that Lion brand yarns contacted her and started a contract for her. 

Now, she owns a line of yarn known as Vanna’s choice and she looks over it as it was her interest since her childhood.


To conclude, Vanna White was born on the 18th of February, 1957. Vanna white age is 64 years old now. She is a popular television personality, actress and model. Her one of the most famous shows is Wheel of Fortune in which she shows up as a hostess.

First, she got engaged to John Gibson but he got killed in a plane crash then she got married to George Santo Pietro and Later got divorced.  She has two children from her marriage to him. Afterwards, she started dating Micheal Kaye but left him after some time. Now she is dating John Donaldson, president of JDC construction and development. Her net worth is 70 million dollars.

She has invested in the real estate business and she is running a yarn line too.